Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who's The Artist?

I had quite a discussion the other day with an "artist" who works with digital images. She uses an existing photograph, loaded onto Adobe Illustrator or similar software, and manipulates it to give it an artsy look. By the time she is through adding splashes of color and distortions of form, it looks like a quality impressionist painting. The effect is dramatic and deserves respect for the talent required to create it. However, I feel that this type of art does not belong in the same category or on the same level of difficulty as traditional art.

She, of course, takes exception to my somewhat chauvinistic view. She feels that the only difference is in the method and medium not in the degree of difficulty. "I'm just as much of an artist as anyone else," says she.

"You would be if you started with a blank page," says I.

I suppose I shouldn't be so closed minded about new methods, but in my mind, it's the artist who suffers through the intimidation of a blank white canvas or piece of drawing paper that deserves the most credit. Creating something from nothing is the more impressive feat.

So there.

SALTY by Bill Trantham. Drawn with colored pencils starting with a totally blank piece of Strathmore art paper.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Psychedelic is the word. An all new series of original drawings by Bill Trantham. Bill captures the sixties retro look with these eye-popping images. Magic Bus, shown here, is but one example of his limited edition signed/numbered prints now being offered at DrawVille AC. Wow! What fun!