Sunday, October 14, 2007

Al Gore: Tarnishing Oslo Gold

For twenty years, Al Gore has been predicting the imminent demise of civilization as we know it. By now, most of us- accroding to him- should be either under water or dying from starvation or thirst. Or is it both?
The IPCC must have compiled a seperate set of data especially for Al, since the current six year report seems, in no way, to correspond to the apocalyptic conclusions of the former VP.
Yes, global warming is a scientific fact and the IPCC projections for the remainder of this century are far from comforting. And of all the possible greenhouse gas emission sources identified, the man-made ones DO seem to correlate most often to the global temperature changes they've measured. However; how Al Gore is able to read this as the "global emergency", preempting all others is beyond my meager ability to fathom. Undoubtedly, preaching the environmental apocalypse attracts more attention and raises public awareness more effectively than dry boring discussions about statistical correlations. But, give me a break! The Nobel Prize!? And for PEACE!? Scare the hell out of millions of people with deliberate exaggerations and distortions of scientific facts and win a prize for peace!?
I imagine the Oslo Gold Medal will make a charming display along side the Oscar and Emmy in his three story mansion in Tennessee. Way to go, Al.
Think I'll go fire up my gas guzzling Lumina and smoke some cigarettes.
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